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Ines is the youngest member of our team. Only 24 years old, but already so passionate and talented! She shares the love for ornamental designs and patternwork with Dagmar, and she is his apprentice in every sense of the word. Ines started her internship in the beginning of 2016, and has evolved to be a quality member of our shop in no time.

She is very curious about all kinds of styles and designs, and already has a lot of variation in her portfolio.

As a social worker, interacting with people has been her job for the last past years. Being able to transfer this experience to a whole new area, makes her a caring and devoted artist. Putting you at ease is equally important as tattooing the design on your skin.

Trust and happy customers are keywords.

Keep an eye on this artist, she’s doing amazing stuff!


My husband has an incredible talent for creating the most beautiful pieces of art: on your skin, on paper, on canvas, on walls… Drawing, sketching, painting and tattooing has been a part of our relationship from the moment we’ve met, and it really defines our lives: nothing is impossible with a little bit of imagination. What Dagmar does is not a job, not a hobby, it’s his life.

That’s why we work on this project together. Dagmar creates, and I try make sure that’s all he needs to do. That means, when you e-mail us to make an appointment, it will be me answering your questions. When you call us, it will be me on the other side of the phone. When you order something from our webshop, I will send it to you. And when you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

Besides that, I’m very lucky to be able to take care of our 2 kids every day: after school, during school breaks and whenever it’s necessary. I’m like a part-time stay-at-home-mum, and I really enjoy it.

When I’m not doing anything of the above, I’m probably sewing, knitting or crocheting. You can read all about that on my blog, misterandmissesv.blogspot.be.

I hope you’ll feel very welcome in our shop, I’m so happy I can share my admiration for Dagmar’s work with ALL of you!



The Liner is not a regular tattooshop, it’s an art-house. Basically, this means that The Liner is not a person but a building. A house where different artists meet and collaborate. It’s a place where we feel connected as artists and fill each others needs in a creative way.

This is the place where we can work in our own universe, far away from society and everyday life. This is the place where we feel good, we laugh, create and drink coffee. Whenever you walk through this door you can sense the inspiration and feel comfortable. It feels like coming home.

The Liner is the home base of a few artists, but other creative people also often work here. This combines a lot of artistic branches, from illustration to stage setting or furniture design, from fiber art and needle work to photography.

Not only tattooing and designing is part of The Liner, we also have a sewing area, a sculpture atelier and a multifunctional workshop–and-events area. We feel very comfortable about our quiet and harmonic environment and because of that, we choose not to allow walk-ins. The Liner is a closed shop/workspace, which means you always have to make an appointment (for a tattoo project, the workspace or to discuss any upcoming projects).

If you have any questions about the liner, please contact us on hello@theliner.be

We will be honoured to help you in your search for something you seek but cannot find. 

Lots of love,

Ines - The Liner
Handelsstraat 76
8800 Roeselare (Privé parking!)
0475 45 77 74
BTW BE 0644.838.380

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